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In 2021, paboxltd paid investors more than $ 850 million in dividends.


First of all, please read the basic terms of cooperation with paboxltd LTD carefully. By registering and taking further participation in the activities of the company, you automatically confirm your age and agree with the following:

Each deposit you create is a private transaction between the Participant and paboxltd LTD. Any information exchanged between the company and the investor shall not be transferred to third parties.

The company does everything in its power to protect confidential information, but it undertakes no responsibility for data leakage due to the user's fault. The investor confirms that messages, materials, and other information received from the company are also protected from disclosure on their part.

The text contained in this document shall not be considered as an invitation to invest in any jurisdiction that considers non-public offers or invitations to be illegal, as well as by persons for whom the above actions are illegal.

This program is exempt from the US Securities Act (1933), US Stock Exchange Act (1934), and US Investment Company Act (1940), because it is a private transaction. It is also exempt from other provisions, rules, and amendments thereto.

The company is not a licensed bank and is not responsible for any damage, costs, or losses that result from the investor's failure to comply with the prescribed terms and conditions of the website.

By registering, you confirm that you will not use this website in an illegal way and will respect international and local laws. The company reserves the right to change the conditions: fees, program rates, and rules, at any time and at its sole discretion, without prior notice, especially in terms of observing the safety of investors' interests.

You agree that you are aware of responsibility and are familiar with the current conditions.

Investor rights.

You agree to respect the following rules:

  • Indication of current and correct personal details only.
  • You are of legal age at the time of registration
  • Respect and tolerance for other investors in the company
  • You are not using this Website for money laundering
  • Respect for the intellectual property rights of paboxltd LTD.
  • You do not use illegally earned money
  • Respect for trade secrets and the right not to declassify information about any private transaction
  • You will not use SPAM and other malicious apps that violate the integrity and performance of the website.

The company does not approve attempts to damage reputation by creating negative posts and videos on social networks. For its part, paboxltd LTD is always ready to provide support to its investors – therefore, the first step to solve the problem should be submitting request to the customer support service.

The company has the right to the following:

• Adding and updating relevant content on the Website

  • Editing or removing the content on the Website
  • Providing the investor with consulting and information services
  • Suspending or temporarily interrupting the transmission of any information through the Website without prior notice for the following reasons:
  1. Power cut
  2. Damage to equipment/communication systems
  3. Force majeure circumstances
  4. Technogenic breakdowns

The company also has the right to the following:

  • Suspend the provision of services, up to blocking the account, in case of violation of the above Terms and Conditions by the Investor
  • Make adjustments to the existing Terms and Conditions without prior approval
  • Edit and change the content of the Website without prior approval
  • Edit and supplement the existing investment proposals
  • Add new EPS
  • Increase partner rewards, without prior agreement
  • Send newsletters to all registered users of the company
  • Use the specified personal details of the investor in order to improve and optimize the investment interaction process
  • Refuse cooperation to any participant without explanation
  • Provide all possible support and assistance to the investor as part of the above Terms and Conditions

The company holds no responsibility for the problems and inconveniences caused by the temporary suspension of the Website operation, which was caused by the above reasons. It holds no responsibility for the losses and inconveniences caused by the temporary suspension of the provision of services resulting from the above reasons either.