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Investment protection guarantee on the paboxltd platform!

paboxltd has issued an insurance policy for investor deposits in the amount of $ 150 million.

paboxltd is a strong company with many years of experience in successful asset management. Our investment project provides consistently high returns for investors and capital partners.

In addition to high profitability, the key point when making an investment decision is the level of risks and the degree of protection of the invested funds.

While developing a comprehensive strategy to minimize risks, we paid special attention to the safety of our investors' funds and allocated a significant amount for the formation of a deposit insurance fund.

Our company has entered into an agreement with a leading international holding in the field of financial insurance with an annual turnover of over $ 70 billion. Half a century history, impeccable reputation and financial reliability of paboxltd insurance partner are a guarantee of the safety of our investors' deposits.

The insurance fund is $ 150 million

In the event of an insured event specified in the contract, the insurance company will reimburse paboxltd investors for losses incurred as a result of this event.

The object of insurance is the property and financial interests of the Insured paboxltd LTD, associated with possible losses of investments, profits and unforeseen expenses when they carry out investment activities as a result of one or more of the following events:

Submission of claims against the Insured paboxltd LTD during the insurance period in connection with erroneous actions of the state authorities of the country of investment that took place before the expiration of the insurance period, which entailed expenses of the Insured paboxltd LTD.

Compensation for losses for which the Insured paboxltd LTD is not liable in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the claim is made.

Legislative or administrative action of the state body of the country of investment restricting or depriving the Insured paboxltd LTD of property rights in relation to the insurance object, including restrictions on ownership for a period of at least six months.

Unforeseen action by the state body of the country of investment, preventing for a period of at least 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days the conversion into freely convertible currency and the transfer to the investor of the invested capital from the country of investment.

An event of force majeure that occurred during the investment period, as a result of which the Insured paboxltd LTD went bankrupt, confirmed in a court or other procedure stipulated by the legislation of the country of investment.

The insurance contract comes into effect and becomes binding on the parties from the moment of signing on 06/05/2021.

Your money in the paboxltd investment project is insured and protected by one of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in the world.

Investment security and consistently high profits on the paboxltd platform guarantee you financial stability even in difficult conditions of the global economic crisis.

By investing in healthcare and real estate with paboxltd, you are investing in your well-being!

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