Frequently Asked
Paboxltd company

Here you can get answers to your questions or ask them in person by writing to Paboxltd support center.

  • How do I join and contribute to Paboxltd?01

    The first thing you need to do is register with the company. The procedure is simple: you just fill out the registration form specifying real and reliable data.

    In the appropriate lines, indicate your valid email address, and come up with a user name and a unique password. Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms.

    After your account has been created, you can log in and learn about all website features: fill in your bank details, make a deposit to the chosen investment plan, etc.

  • What electronic payment systems can be used for financial transactions in a company?02

    Paboxltd supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,BNB,dogecoin,Tron,payeer and perfect money

  • Can I change my email address, password, or payment details in my account?03

    Your wallet details can only be edited by the company support team, leave a request to any email address from section Contacts. You can change everything else yourself in your account settings.

  • I would like to create several accounts, is this allowed?04

    No you can't have multiple accounts, unless you have up to 50% of the amount invested on the second account in the first account..if not it will affect the whole team accounts.

  • How do I make a deposit?05

    After your registration has been completed, study proposed investment plans, determine the amount of the deposit you would like to make. Then log in to your account and deposit the amount to the chosen plan.

  • Does the company have hidden fees?06

    No there is no hidden fees or withdrawal charges

  • After applying for withdrawal, how long does it take for the funds to be transmitted to the specified wallet? 07

    Withdrawal is instant and automatic

  • How often can I log in to my account?08

    Your account is available 24/7. You can obtain information around the clock.

  • Will new payment systems be added in the future?09

    Paboxltd is constantly improving, so we plan to add new EPSs and become even more convenient and accessible for our investors.

  • How many deposits can I create in my account?10

    You can only make a maximum deposit of 7 in the short term plan,then you can progress to advanced plan...But if you are able to made more than 7deposits in the short term plan before progressing to advanced plan,then you are required to make a direct deposit of the minimum amount in the advanced plan to enable the server detect the account and carry out the withdrawals automatically and instantly.

  • What do I do if I forget the password for my account?11

    Especially for such cases, the website has a section Password Recovery. To get a new password, enter here the data you provided during registration.

    We will send a new password to the email that you used to register with the company.

  • Who can I contact with other questions that I may have?12

    Paboxltd support will always be happy to help you! Contact our online technical support for further questions.

  • How long does it take for a deposit to be transferred to the account balance?13

    If a deposit was made in cryptocurrency, the funds will be credited to the account immediately after confirmation in the network. The company credits funds instantly and they start working immediately.

    If you have a problem and the money have not been received within 24 hours, contact our support team and they will fix everything.

  • Does the company have an affiliate program?14

    Yes, of course, for our active partners we have developed a special bonus program, the terms of which you can read on our website.

  • Is there an affiliate bonus for depositing from my balance?15

    Yes, the referral fee will be credited even if a reinvestment has been made from your balance, rather than a new deposit.

  • I have made some profit, how can I withdraw it?16

    You can make your withdrawal from your dashboard directly to your wallet.

  • What is the minimum possible withdrawal amount?17

    Minimum withdrawal is 1$.

  • Can I make split deposit in Advanced plan?17

    No,When you make a split deposit, you now need to make a one time direct deposit of $5000 which is the minimum deposit of advanced plan to enable the sever automatically carry out your withdrawal.